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From Process To Peoplesoft Page

Last week we discussed finding the best Peoplesoft page, and the menu path to that page, for viewing and updating a particular database table.  We have a similar need to find the menu path to the run control page for a particular batch process.
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From Database Table To Peoplesoft Page

When I discuss data with my colleagues in the Human Resources and Payroll departments, we speak different languages.  I talk about tables and columns.  They talk about menus, tabs, and pages.  “You need to change EEO4CODE in PS_JOBCODE_TBL,”  I’ll say.  They’ll reply, “You mean, select Setup HRMS, Foundation Tables, Job Attributes, Job Code Table, and the Job Code Profile tab?”  There are pages I’ve never visited and they’ve never used a SQL browser.
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PS_EMPLOYMENT used to be a SQL table.  Now it is a SQL view that joins PS_PER_ORG_ASGN, PS_PER_ORG_INST, and PS_JOB.  Of course, PS_JOB has two subselects to pick a single value of EFFDT and EFFSEQ for each value of EMPL_RCD.  The subselect for EFFDT is unusual and it may not behave the way the designers intended.

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Rounding Error

Some people use the term “rounding error” to indicate that an answer is right enough, although not perfectly right.  Those people think “accurate” and “precise” are two different concepts.  They may be experimental scientists or programmers, but they aren’t working in Accounting.  Accountants cannot and should not leave journal entries alone with rounding errors.
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