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Merging Bundles With Customized Peopletools Objects

We’re always happy yet apprehensive to get a new bundle of bug fixes for Peoplesoft. We anticipate that our applications will run more reliably, perhaps faster, and maybe with a few new features. The chore that nobody likes, though, is checking for Oracle’s changes that affect the Peopletools objects we have customized.
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The Rewrite And The Bug Fix

Last week I worked on two SQR program bugs.  I rewrote the first one from scratch.  I wanted to rewrite the second one but didn’t.  Here is why.
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Avoid Subqueries

I have nothing against subqueries, but there are times in the Peoplesoft environment that they are unnecessary.  If we can get exactly the same results with simpler, faster SQL, let’s avoid subqueries.
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Dynamic Views in Application Designer

Views are a useful feature of SQL databases, letting us create virtual tables based on SQL select statements.  The Peoplesoft Application Designer also lets us create dynamic views, which we may use within the page processor.

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