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Hooray For Arrays.Part(1)

I’ve mentioned arrays while writing about other topics.  It’s time I write about arrays.  Someone could program in SQR for a whole career without ever using them, but that someone would have to work harder to do without these handy data objects. Continue reading ‘Hooray For Arrays.Part(1)’ »

7 Comments About Comments

Most people are more in favor of comments than they are in favor of writing comments. Most code doesn’t have enough comments, and the comments it has are often bad comments. Here are seven types of comments, listed from my favorite to my most disliked. Continue reading ‘7 Comments About Comments’ »

SQR Program File Names

The only aspect of an SQR program that must be unique is its file name.  The file name may also indicate something about the program within.  There are restrictions on SQR program file names in the Peoplesoft environment, but there’s more flexibility than meets the eye. Continue reading ‘SQR Program File Names’ »

Never Fear A Database Refresh Again

It is refreshing to have a new copy of the production database instance in the development database instance. It is also a bit frightening. Was anything important lost in the overwrite? Continue reading ‘Never Fear A Database Refresh Again’ »