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Bad SQL Redesigned

The Assignment

Last week we looked at various techniques for combining tables.  As an example, we took an assignment “to gather the hours reported on timecards for each employee over a two week pay period.”  We saw five ways to combine the Peoplesoft HCM tables PS_EMPLOYEES and PS_TL_RPTD_TIME.

By the end, I realized that there was no actual business problem that could be solved correctly and efficiently with this approach. Continue reading ‘Bad SQL Redesigned’ »

6 Lessons Learned From Bad SQL

Here are some interesting variations of SQL syntax. The simple example I chose is probably ill suited for any actual program, but that makes it more interesting. Continue reading ‘6 Lessons Learned From Bad SQL’ »

Analyze Peoplesoft Process Instances With SQR

We built and enhanced a real-time dashboard that alerted us to problems with Peoplesoft process instances. The next challenge is to investigate processes that fail, or processes that succeeded yet dissatisfied our co-workers (the output was not as expected). Let’s build an SQR toolkit to help us do that. Continue reading ‘Analyze Peoplesoft Process Instances With SQR’ »

Real-Time SQR Process Monitor Dashboard 2

Last week we wrote a real-time application in SQR. Yes, in SQR, the batch programming language. That should have been more thrilling than it turned out to be. Let’s try to make it more interesting, accessible, and informative. Continue reading ‘Real-Time SQR Process Monitor Dashboard 2’ »