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Real-Time SQR Process Monitor Dashboard 1

SQR is a language primarily for batch processing, but it does have limited support for real time, interactive applications.  Let’s build a process monitor that is better than (or at least different from) Peoplesoft’s version. Continue reading ‘Real-Time SQR Process Monitor Dashboard 1’ »

SQR Without Literals

Most programs are sprinkled with literal values; 11, ‘USA’, ‘01-JUL-2007′, etc.  Sometimes we can guess their meanings from context. Continue reading ‘SQR Without Literals’ »

An SQR Wish List

As much as I like SQR, I am reluctantly willing to admit that it is not perfect. Ray Ontko, one of the pioneers of SQR, listed his ideas for improvements on his company’s website. Here’s my wish list. Given the maturity of SQR, I don’t expect any of the changes to occur, but I’ve had many happy daydreams about using these features. Continue reading ‘An SQR Wish List’ »

SQR Programming Standards

What do compilers expect of the programs we create? Our programs should follow the syntax of the language and observe the practical limits of the compiler.

What do our customers and managers expect of the programs we create? Our programs should be created and available in a reasonable amount of time. Our programs should perform the operations described in the functional specification completely, accurately, and within a reasonable time. They should not have any undesirable side effects (e.g. don’t drop the database table while printing a report). They should be reliable (e.g. bugs should be rare). Continue reading ‘SQR Programming Standards’ »

7 Little SQL Tricks

Here are some small but significant ways to speed up or streamline your SQR program. Continue reading ‘7 Little SQL Tricks’ »