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4 Building Blocks Of SQR Log Files

The term “log file” implies that this file serves as a log; a diary; a record of significant events in the program. It’s a place for unofficial information or information about this instance of this program, not to be stored in the organization’s production database for widespread access and not to be printed in reports for the system’s customers. It’s information for the technical team to use for troubleshooting or analysis. Continue reading ‘4 Building Blocks Of SQR Log Files’ »

SQR Dates

Numbers are probably the most important scalar objects of business applications, but dates may be a close second. Continue reading ‘SQR Dates’ »

7 Uniquely SQR Bugs

Even the best programmer in my one-person cubicle makes mistakes. I’ve worked in several different languages, and made the same mistakes in many of them; out of bounds array index, dividing by zero, messing with Texas. Continue reading ‘7 Uniquely SQR Bugs’ »

How To Read Peoplesoft Run Control Parameters In SQR

Peoplesoft allows the user to give direction to an SQR program by entering parameters on a webpage before the Process Scheduler runs PSSQR. Here is a new way to get those parameters to the SQR program. Continue reading ‘How To Read Peoplesoft Run Control Parameters In SQR’ »