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Load-Lookup Love Letter: Introduction

Load-lookup and lookup are my favorite commands in SQR. I’m sorry if that hurts the feelings of all the other commands, but it can’t be helped. Continue reading ‘Load-Lookup Love Letter: Introduction’ »

Array Searches in Peoplesoft SQR

There are two things we can do after we quicksort an array.  First, we can read it row by row, and the data will be in order.  Second, we can use a binary search to find a specific row very, very quickly. Continue reading ‘Array Searches in Peoplesoft SQR’ »

Quicksort For SQR

We can’t always output information in the proper order by using the DBMS to sort the incoming data. Continue reading ‘Quicksort For SQR’ »

SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part J*

Last week, in “SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part I,” we considered the overly modest claim that evaluate was equivalent to switch. Comparing the syntax of the two commands favored evaluate with a score of C/Java 1, SQR 3. Now the competition moves to the “usefulness” test. Continue reading ‘SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part J*’ »