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13 Peoplesoft Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! I resolved to take out the garbage for pickup on January 2. Mission accomplished. Now that you have quit smoking and lost weight, it’s time to work on some real challenges for professional self-improvement.

Here are 13 Peoplesoft professional resolutions for 2013. Pick a few and get started now, or save them for your next performance review when your manager wants to set goals for the coming year. (I have done all of these over the course of my PeopleSoft career, so I’m setting my sights for the January 9 garbage pickup.)
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Date Arithmetic Breaks the Laws Of Arithmetic

One of our readers, John, recently posted a question on the SQR Dates blog entry:

“I need to subtract from date in the format years, months, days. For example, I want to subtract 5 years, 2 months and 3 days from the current date.  How can this be done in SQR?”
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SQR Timeline 1999 – 2009

Last week we saw the origin of nine companies that owned or influenced the SQR programming language: Brio, D&N Systems, Hyperion, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Ray Ontko & Company, SQ Software, Sqribe, and Sybase.  We saw the maturation of the feature set and what I called “The Golden Age” of MITI and Sqribe.  In 1999 and beyond, SQR became part of an ever larger and more diverse product line.
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SQR Timeline 1984 – 1999

I wanted to write the history of SQR, but I can’t.  I’ve reviewed dozens of press releases, news articles, websites, state government documents, and SEC filings to create this timeline.  But that’s not a history; it’s missing key events that weren’t documented, or weren’t put online, or I just couldn’t find.  It’s also missing explanations.  I tried to track down the key people who contributed to the history of SQR.  Even when I could find them, most of them didn’t respond to e-mails or phone messages.  So, here’s what I have.
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A Hierarchy Of Data Processing Solutions

Modern office processes are usually a combination of manual, semi-automated, and automated operations.  SQR programmers often contribute software to these processes, but our customers don’t always tell us enough about their processes for us to make the best possible contribution.  We can classify some of our work into a hierarchy of solutions.
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SQR History

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