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7 Comments About Comments

Most people are more in favor of comments than they are in favor of writing comments. Most code doesn’t have enough comments, and the comments it has are often bad comments. Here are seven types of comments, listed from my favorite to my most disliked. Continue reading ‘7 Comments About Comments’ »

SQR Program File Names

The only aspect of an SQR program that must be unique is its file name.  The file name may also indicate something about the program within.  There are restrictions on SQR program file names in the Peoplesoft environment, but there’s more flexibility than meets the eye. Continue reading ‘SQR Program File Names’ »

SQR Without Literals

Most programs are sprinkled with literal values; 11, ‘USA’, ‘01-JUL-2007′, etc.  Sometimes we can guess their meanings from context. Continue reading ‘SQR Without Literals’ »

SQR Programming Standards

What do compilers expect of the programs we create? Our programs should follow the syntax of the language and observe the practical limits of the compiler.

What do our customers and managers expect of the programs we create? Our programs should be created and available in a reasonable amount of time. Our programs should perform the operations described in the functional specification completely, accurately, and within a reasonable time. They should not have any undesirable side effects (e.g. don’t drop the database table while printing a report). They should be reliable (e.g. bugs should be rare). Continue reading ‘SQR Programming Standards’ »

4 Building Blocks Of SQR Log Files

The term “log file” implies that this file serves as a log; a diary; a record of significant events in the program. It’s a place for unofficial information or information about this instance of this program, not to be stored in the organization’s production database for widespread access and not to be printed in reports for the system’s customers. It’s information for the technical team to use for troubleshooting or analysis. Continue reading ‘4 Building Blocks Of SQR Log Files’ »

Bottom #Ten Worst Variable Names

Well chosen variable names are crucial for understanding what a program is doing.  I plan to write about naming well but for now, it’s more fun to criticize bad variable names. Continue reading ‘Bottom #Ten Worst Variable Names’ »