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7 Uniquely SQR Bugs

Even the best programmer in my one-person cubicle makes mistakes. I’ve worked in several different languages, and made the same mistakes in many of them; out of bounds array index, dividing by zero, messing with Texas. Continue reading ‘7 Uniquely SQR Bugs’ »

3 Types of SQR Variables in SQL Statements

SQR programs can execute SQL “select” statements with a “begin-select … end-select” block. They can execute any other SQL statements with a “begin-sql … end-sql” block. SQR has three ways to modify the literal text of those SQL statements. Continue reading ‘3 Types of SQR Variables in SQL Statements’ »

5 Uses: Load-Lookup Love Letter

13 DDO Parameters: Load-Lookup Love Letter

I don’t have experience with SQR for DDO (Direct Data Object), which supports JDBC, SAP BW, SAP R/3, Essbase, MS-OLAP, XML, and CSV. I’ve studied several versions of the SQR Language Reference and tried to extrapolate from the SQL version of load-lookup. Continue reading ‘13 DDO Parameters: Load-Lookup Love Letter’ »

9 SQL Parameters: Load-Lookup Love Letter


Load-lookup takes four to nine parameters. The syntax looks like this. Continue reading ‘9 SQL Parameters: Load-Lookup Love Letter’ »

Load-Lookup Love Letter: Introduction

Load-lookup and lookup are my favorite commands in SQR. I’m sorry if that hurts the feelings of all the other commands, but it can’t be helped. Continue reading ‘Load-Lookup Love Letter: Introduction’ »

SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part J*

Last week, in “SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part I,” we considered the overly modest claim that evaluate was equivalent to switch. Comparing the syntax of the two commands favored evaluate with a score of C/Java 1, SQR 3. Now the competition moves to the “usefulness” test. Continue reading ‘SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part J*’ »

SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part I*

The SQR Language Reference, which I keep under my pillow, states “[t]his command is equivalent to case/switch in C or Java.”  Wrong! Continue reading ‘SQR Evaluate Versus C/Java Switch, Part I*’ »

8 Special And Great SQR Features

There are many features of SQR that set it apart from other programming languages. Continue reading ‘8 Special And Great SQR Features’ »